Chabre Johnson

Juvenile Justice Program Director

chabre2 Chabre is a native of Southeast Louisiana with roots in Uptown New Orleans. She earned a B.A degree from Dillard University and then went on to earn a Masters of Social Work degree from Southern University of New Orleans. Prior to becoming a Licensed Social Worker, Chabre worked in both non-profit and government agencies in a variety of forms ranging from work adjustment training and career development to child protection services and counseling. After Hurricane Katrina, she spent almost six years in Dallas, Texas where she worked to provide supportive services to families through the Department of Health and Human Services, before returning home to New Orleans.


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70 percent of YEP’s staff members are born and raised in New Orleans and the vast majority grew up in the same neighborhoods that our youth live in. Our staff members’ personal understanding of the challenges that our young people face make them uniquely qualified to provide support to YEP youth.